Operation Hammer and Anvil

After clearing the local neighborhood and factory within AO1 with success, The First Squad continued the attack to AO2 into a wide open field. After breaching AO2 1000s of combatants engaged from the treeline. After numerous artillery strikes, the enemies continued to reinforce. The First Squad was KIA other than SSG Benga. SSG Benga will be rewarded with the Broma Burble Heart ($10 off Reddit Awards). All other families of the deceased will be given condolences by no one. Upon news of The First Squad’s KIA, Artillery leveled AO2 clearing it completely of the 1000s of enemy combatants in totality. The Second Squad was deployed to rescue the POWs at AO3. AO3 was mercilessly pounded by Artillery and it is by miracle alone that no POWs were killed. After securing the POWs, The Second Squad commandeered a heli and RTB.

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