Joint Op Guidelines

Here’s the FAQ and some guidelines when operating with our group of manchildren.

  1. Installing Mods
  2. Configuring TFAR
  3. General Rules
  4. General Tips/Advices
  5. Event Phases
  6. Medical
  7. View Distance
  8. Join in Progress
  9. Friendly Fire Messages

Installing Mods

To install the joint ops preset simply subscribe to this mod on the steam workshop.

Once the mod has been downloaded and installed open the Arma 3 Launcher go the ‘Mods‘ tab, click on ‘Unload all‘ and then select the Broma Preset Joint Ops mod.

The launcher will ask you to load some required dependencies, click on ‘Load selected mods‘ and you’re good to go, click play to launch the game.

Note: If the joint op uses a CDLC head over to the ‘DLC’ tab in the Arma 3 Launcher and select the necessary CDLC.

Configuring TFAR

1 – Install the Teamspeak plugin, you can find it in mod directory steamapps\common\Arma 3!Workshop\@Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)\teamspeak, double click the task_force_radio.ts3_plugin file and it will be installed.

2- Open Teamspeak (execute it as admin), go to Tools, select Addons and make sure the TFAR addon is enabled.

If there’s any other issue:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of TFAR.
  2. Make sure you run Teamspeak as admin.
  3. Repair the mod on Arma 3 Launcher by right clicking it and select ‘Repair’.

General Rules

  1. No talking in Global (Teamspeak), if your game crashes or for some reason your TFAR isn’t working then move to the “Tech Support” channel and either fix it or ask for an admin to help you out by poking them.
  2. In-game drawing on the map is allowed, but ONLY outside of the AO or outside of the map if no AO is provided.
  3. No spamming in ingame chat or in map drawings/markers.
  4. Soundboards and playing music are allowed, just as long as it’s done with with common sense. NEVER interrupt relevant communication between players.
  5. Picking up enemy weapons is allowed, however as it confuses players and often leads to friendly fire incidents, it should always be reported to the team/squad leader and avoided if possible. There are often opportunities to rearm along the mission – save it for absolute emergencies.
  6. Avoid doing anything that might disrupt the mission flow, blowing up friendly vehicles, intentional friendly fire, going lonewolf. We’re not very strict, accidents do happen and we want people to have fun but if it interferes with other player’s gameplay we’ll put an end to it.
  7. Custom faces, reshaders and any optional mods inside this whitelist are allowed.

General Tips/Advices

  • If you have any question or need help with any kind of technical issue or in-game situation feel free to poke one of the admins on TeamSpeak, we’ll assist you.
  • At the start of a mission we advise you to take a look at your gear, find the nearest ammo crate or vehicle and stock up on ammo and medical and whatever other items you see fit, by default our loadouts give you the minimum needed for combat but it’s always recommended that players grab a little bit more than what they start with.

Event Phases

  • 1 hour before the event the server will be open for players to join and test their mods and radio/teamspeak settings, keep in mind most people will have their plugin disabled (talking globally) and there will be literally chaos all around, dont be scared everything will be fine once the event starts. Please use the Arma 3 In Game channel during this phase.
  • When the event starts, all players will be moved to the briefing channel (BLUFOR Briefing channel by default for coop sessions) where power to talk will be given to those in leading positions, if anybody has any question and wishes to talk either poke the active admin or write it in the TS channel chat otherwise use this time to draw your beautiful memes. This step will be repeated everytime a new mission is loaded.
  • After the briefing is done all players will be moved to the Arma 3 In Game channel and the mission will begin. Be sure that your TFAR plugin is on and that you’re not talking in Global.


Here at BromA we use a custom ACE Advance Medical, basic steps to get someone up from an unconscious state:

  1. Bandage all wounds;
  2. Use the Surgical Kit to stitch all the wounds.
  3. If no heart rate use CPR.
  4. If patient is still not up check blood levels and give a blood bag if needed.

You can also check this flowchart for a more detailed scenario.

Note: It is very common for outside players to accidently OD on morphine, morphine should be used carefully, using too much morphine will cause your heart rate to fall and making you passing out. To fix this a medic or someone else will have to either inject epinephrine or perform CPR on the passed out player until the heart rate goes up.

To avoid this we recommend only using morphine when the symptoms of pain are severe and never more than 1 in a 30 minute time span.

View Distance

You can set your own View Distance by using the CH View Distance Mod present in our preset. Default key should be Ctrl + \, however you can change it by going to Esc. -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> CH View Distance and change the “Open view distance settings” key to whatever you want.


After opening the CH View Distance menu you’ll be able to change the values, for players with low performance computers it is advised to change the “Terrain” option to Low, it will remove all the grass in the game and give you some needed extra frames. It is also advised to adjust the Object option according to the map the mission is on, for example, jungles maps don’t require longe view distance ranges due to the high foliage and overall jungle environment.


Join in Progress

Most missions will allow JIP (Join in Progress), if for any reason you join in late or have to reconnect, upon going ingame you’ll have an action on your action menu/scroll wheel menu named “Teleport to squad/allies” use it to get back to your team/squad.


If by any reason this teleport function doesn’t work go ahead and poke one of the admins to be teleported back to your squad.

Friendly Fire Messages

During the mission you might notice the following messages popping up:


This is our friendly fire warning message, these messages come with a 1 minute delay, the idea behind is to warn players, who might not know what they are engaging, that they shot friendlies and should stop engaging or go rescue the poor fella they just filled with bullets instead of leaving him there thinking he just scored another AI kill. This can be triggered by anything from bullets to shrapnel to slightly bumping someone with a car.

Imagine this: you see a target and ask “Are those friendlies?” and even before you get confirmation you then proceed to mag dump a whole team, 1 minute later you’ll know you fucked up and you need to go and rescue them or hide in shame as your name will show up to all players in the servers and reveal what terrible crimes you commited.

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