ACRE & TRF Setup Guide

“Another guide? Oh my god I can’t take this heavy reading why can’t you just make an image explaining everything with funny memes?”, calm down friend this one is alot smaller. If you haven’t installed the A2 or A3 preset with Play With Six read this guide before reading this one. BromA used to be an Arma 2 only group but we couldn’t resist to the beautiful graphics and smoother gameplay of Arma 3 so we decided to play some it every now and then, and if it wasn’t for this we wouldn’t need this guide, why? Here is why, for Arma 2 we use ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) which hasn’t been updated for a long time and doesn’t work with the newest version of TeamSpeak (current 3.0.14) and for Arma 3 we use TFAR (Task Force Arrowhead Radio) which works with the newest versions of TeamSpeak but not with the old ones and its only compatible with Arma 3.

In summary you can’t use both ACRE and TFAR because the first needs and older version of TeamSpeak and latter needs a newer version. So here’s the workaround:

Step 1. – Download & Install Team Speak 3.0.13 and Teamspeak 3.0.14

Teamspeak 3.0.13 will be used for ACRE, you can download it here.
Teamspeak 3.0.14 will be used for TFAR, you can download it here.

Downloaded them? Good, now launch TeamSpeak 3.0.13 setup, follow the setup instructions and make sure you rename the default installation folder and do the same for the Team Speak 3.0.14 , here’s an example:

Team Speak Installation

This will allow you to have 2 versions of TeamSpeak installed with out any compatibility problems, cool! All we need to do now is install the plugins of each radio system.

Step 2. – Install the plugins

Now since you’ve already downloaded ACRE or TFAR from Play With Six the plugins can be found in:

  • ACRE – SteamAppscommonArma 2 Operation Arrowhead@acreplugin – copy the files inside this folder to your Team Speak 3.0.13 plugin folder.
  • TFAR – SteamAppscommonArma 3@task_force_radioteamspeak3 clientplugin – copy the files inside this folder to you Team Speak 3.0.14 plugin folder.

Here’s how it should look like in the end:

Plugin Folders

And you’re done! Now everytime we play Arma 2 use the 3.0.13 version and everytime we play Arma 3 use the 3.0.14, I suggest making a shorcut for each one to make things easier. To activate the plugins in Team Speak itself go to Settings > Plugins and tick the plugin that you want to activate. [WARNING] ALWAYS RUN TEAMSPEAK AS ADMINISTRATOR!

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