AAR – I44 2014

After two weeks of lots of fun, many new missions (17!) and players from other communities gracing us with their presence, our Invasion 1944 event is finally over: now let us immortalize these moments in the form of screenshots and videos taken by players.

NOTE: If you have any more content you wish to be here, feel free to send it over to Nife.

    Some Just Don't Mind

  • Riding Home
  • Bunker Defense
  • Snow Watch

  • Omaha?
  • Just Chillin'
  • Nice Hat

  • Sole Survivors
  • Team Advance
  • Target That Parachute

  • Too Late Now
  • Everyone Aboard
  • "I want to go home"

  • Never Forget
  • Night Time Briefing
  • Trench Sunset

  • Lone Command
  • Commandos On The Go
  • Lost In The Blizzard


  • German Artillery
  • "North, maybe?"
  • Ambush Is Set

  • Flammenwerfer
  • Concealed For Fire
  • Getting Comfy

  • Wondering
  • Hiding From Halftracks
  • "Fire on my command"

  • Potty Trained Operator
  • Let's Get This Shit Started

  • Not Your Ride
  • Into Colleville
  • Stay Alert

  • Onwards To The Objective
  • Barnyard Assault
  • Snow Charge

  • Sitting By The Fire
  • Helping The Wounded
  • Time To Go Home

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