A2 Mission List

These are the current working missions uploaded on the server, updated as often as possible.

Status Type Slots Mission Name Map Author Version Latest update Details
OK COOP 20 Jungle Drizzle MBG_Nam Nife 0.6 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: US Troops make their way in the jungle under the rain in order to assault and destroy several objectives guarded by the Viectong.
Broken COOP 27 MGS/v/ – The Phantom Pain Isla Duala Robby 0.2 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: Big Boss and the Diamond Dogs are on the hunt for XOF operatives.

ISSUE: JIP is horribly broken, mission unbalanced, needs to fix the backpacks. “Fuck the framework”
Issues COOP 25 Omaha 2014 Caribou Frontier Royal WIP 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: An USMC Squad is tasked with assaulting and securing the Oil bay in Caribou.

ISSUE: Mission is still work in progress.
Issues COOP 25 UNenvolvement Aliabad Royal WIP 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: US Peacekeepers are sent into the Aliabad Region after US troops withdraw in order to bring humanitarian supplies.

ISSUE: Mission is still work in progress.
OK COOP 33 Mad Paddies Bystrika Mc Diddles 1.4 07/03/2014 DESCRIPTION: 1982. Irish Republican Army forces storm across Britiain controlled Northern Ireland capturing local pubs
OK COOP 28 The Lost Squad MBG_Nam Royal 2 09/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: A lost US squad finds their way back to the FOB, aided by pilots who must find them before enemy patrols do.
OK TVT 24 Riverside Massacre MBG_Nam Nife 0.85 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: US Marines must defend a south vietnamese village from incoming VC attackers.
OK TVT 24 Favela Warfare Lingor Nife 1.0 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: Brazilian gang members do what they do best: shoot other brazilian gang members.
OK TVT 30 The Troubles – Nam Edition Lingor Mr. Chainsaw 4 19/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: The Queen herself decided to take a stroll through Vietnam, and now it’s up to British forces to protect her from the IRA, who just happened to be there as well.
OK COOP Jagged Alliance 2 Isla Duala Sniperhunter 3 27/05/2014 THE LEGEND NEVER DIES
OK COOP Jagged Alliance 2 Fallujah Sniperhunter 3 27/05/2014 THE LEGEND NEVER DIES
OK COOP 22 Caribou Crisis Caribou Frontier Royal 1.0 25/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: Terrorists have setup a nuke in an unknown place within Caribou Island, which is set to go off in 30 minutes. US Operators are dispatched to avoid the worst outcome.
OK COOP 20 Frontal Stab Caribou Frontier Nife 0.9 10/03/2014 DESCRIPTION: US Marines retake Raven Rock Island from occupying Russian MVD, destroy enemy artillery and eliminate the local command.
OK COOP 25 Ghastly Blanket Winter Sangin Nife 1.0 23/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: The ANA are tasked with destroying Taliban forces occupying Sangin Town.
OK COOP 26 Steel Rain Chernarus Royal 2.0 25/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: The Chedaki have began an artillery strike on CDF forces and an USMC Recon team is sent in to stop it.
OK COOP 25 Wrathful Freedom Chernarus Nife 0.98 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: Aided by USMC Recon, Chernorussian guerilla attempt to retake Electrozavodsk.
OK TVT 30 No Shooting No Problems Chernarus Nife 1.6 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: Russian MVD are deployed to solve a hostage situation, but the hostiles have their own plans of escaping.
Issues COOP 10 Nomads Sahrani Royal 1.2 28/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: A small Special Forces team parachutes behind enemy lines to complete a set of critical missions.
ISSUE: This mission has a bug where upon exploding the bridges in a certain order, it will end for a few players while others will remain in-game.
OK TVT 30 The Final Stand Desert Nife 3.7 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: US special forces are sent to assault a compound where a fleeing group of terrorists has entrenched, and disarm the nuclear device they stole.
Issues COOP 25 Commie Christmas Thirsk Winter Nife 1.0 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: Czech operators must complete a varied set of very sensitive tasks in order to eliminate an enemy commander.

ISSUE: The radio tower only works for the first player to come near to it. Alarms play forever becoming very annoying.
OK COOP 17 Bloody Corazol Sahrani Royal 1.9 22/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: A Takistani Platoon took heavy casualties and must now destroy enemy resistance in Corazol to be able to escape.
OK COOP 46 Bagango Trilogy Chapter 3: The Battle of Bagango Sahrani Mc Diddles 2.8 27/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: After 3 long months, the remaining defenders launch a full scale assault to retake the city from NATO forces.
OK COOP 40 A Game of Gulf Sahrani Mc Diddles 2.0 14/03/2014 DESCRIPTION: Following the Iraqi invasion of a small island off the Persian Gulf, US Troops are sent in to clear their southern defences.
OK COOP 46 Chapter 1: The Defence of Bagango Sahrani Mc Diddles 2.4 27/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: USSR forces hold off a full scale assault on a small town in Northern Sahrani.
Re-upload COOP 34 Chapter 2: The Fall of Bagango Sahrani Mc Diddles ?? ?? DESCRIPTION: Needs to be re-uploaded to the server.
OK COOP 22 The Red Mile Celle 2 Royal 2.0 25/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: After British commandos attack during the night, an MVD Mechanized Squad is sent to search for a downed MI-8.
OK COOP 32 Britdrop Celle 2 Royal 0.9 25/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: A British Parachute Regime is sent on a mission to destroy the 6 bridges in Celle.
OK COOP 31 Scud Busters Takistan Royal 1.0 15/05/2014 DESCRIPTION: A Special forces team is sent behind enemy lines to hunt and destroy Takistani SCUD launchers.
OK COOP 25 Red Raptor Takistan Nife 1.2 06/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: US Marines are tasked with assassinating an enemy Colonel and taking over an Airfield.
OK TVT 30 Iron Frenzy Takistan Cut-out Nife 1.4 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: A training exercise between US mechanized troops: teams must capture 3 points utilizing only M1A1 tanks.

Maybe add a parameter to choose the kind of tank beforehand?
OK COOP 30 Ardent Blitz Isla Duala Nife 0.7 20/06/2014 DESCRIPTION: Hired by the Molatia Army, PMC are tasked with driving away stationed UN troops from the south of the island.
OK COOP 25 A Parched Throat Sahrani Nife 0.97 11/04/2014 DESCRIPTION: Few months after the successful coup d’etat by the now Queen Isabella, RACS stragglers gather up for a decisive strike against newly arrived reinforcements from Russia.
Re-upload COOP 17 Red Winter Thirsk Winter Royal ?? ?? DESCRIPTION: Spetznas forces assault Thirsk destroying assorted objectives along the way.

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