AAR – A Cold battle in a Cold War

A Paradrop in the dead of night to engage a checkpoint with an unknown amount of USSR troops. Nothing can go wrong.


After a rough paradrop, the squad meets up, sneaking up on the western side of the checkpoint, ‘eyes on’ are made; only to be blinded by flares.


The entire force lights up the checkpoint as the flare dies out, troops swarm the checkpoint, culminating in an all round defense against a counter attack.


During the defense, static guns were commandeered such as a KORD. One soldier brought the wrong BDU to the party, he was laughed at shortly after the realization. After the counter attack subsided, the main force headed to the second objective, a supply depot. Opening to the sounds of heavy fire, mad dashes across fields to ditches and smoke concealment.


After bounding tree to tree, the main firefight commenced that would last till the end of the operation. The prone position was a life saver, only leaving it to return fire.


Pushing forwards using natural cover and concealment, the gunfire rarely lulled, men occasional stopping their fire to help any wounded to get back behind the front line.


Wounded men are seen to by the squad corpsman while the squad leader oversees the treatment, then begins the main engagement; resorting to heavy MG fire we have our M60 lay hundreds of rounds down range at silhouettes appearing across the field to our north.


A M72 is fired at the soviet infantry for good effect as the tide of the engagement is turned, the remaining enemy troops are picked off as we move up. A final battle is fought to the south east of the supply depot, as other troops push in from the south, the squad eliminates is final enemy combatants and waits for the all clear.

Victory fire rings out as the supply depot is captured and the night is won. Overall a good operation with minimal WIA and to our knowledge, not a single KIA. Enjoyed by all and an another top quality mission by Diddles.

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