Welcome to BromA

Over +10 years of ArmA Autism

Are you looking for an Arma 3 community without strict signup procedures, rules, code of conduct and sensitive members who can’t handle a bit of banter? Look no further.

We aim to play on a weekly basis and strive towards realism, immersion and fun in our sessions. Our scenarios cover What, don’t you like to pretend you’re a soldier?

Our Schedule:
European Ops: Saturdays 19:00 GMT/BST
American Ops: Fridays 19:00 EST/EDT


Our goal is to be a laid back, fun to play with community while maintaining some sort of organization where common sense is the rule of thumb. Getting banned from this place is an achievement!

Being a 4chan based community means that this isn’t your typical Arma 3 group, do expect politically incorrect content and more laxed moderation in regards to what is posted or talked about. At the end of the day everyone gets along and we all enjoy playing together and that’s the magic of this place.

― Custom made missions

Diverse & Dynamic

None of that Zeus bullshit. We make our own scenarios, custom made by our overworked, unmotivated, chained in a basement mission makers.

Our sessions cover WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, Modern War, Halo, 40k and any new mods/CDLC that show up, we also do persistent campaigns (Antistasi, Liberation…), as well as organize joint ops with other groups.

We have our own inhouse mission framework.

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